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About Us

Following the adventures of a Scottish lass from the Highlands and her animal friends.

For children 3-7 years.

Books available in English

and Scottish Gaelic.

Proceeds from all books donated to NHS children's hospitals.

Meet Harriot and her Friends

Harriot McDougall

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& Friends

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Harriot McDougall

I'm Harriot McDougall and I live in the Scottish village Invergarry. My 

favourite thing is going on adventures, especially with my friends: Bonnie the Shetland pony,

Haggis the Highland cow and of course Fergus the Scottish Terrier dog.

I'll introduce you to them...

Harriot - Bonnie Character Profile Pic.j

Oh bother buttercup!

It's Bonnie the Shetland pony from Invergarry. 

My favourite things are buttercups and buttercup fields. 


Harriot - Fergus Profile Pic.png



It's Fergus the Scottish Terrier dog. Harriot McDougall is my best friend.


Harriot is always going on adventures and 

I'm always saying, 'Don't go getting yourself into trouble, girlie!'

Harriot - Haggis New Profile Pic.jpg



Fluffety fluff! It's Haggis the Highland cow.


Do you know my favourite stuff?

Fluffety fluff,

It's that yummy 

hay stuff!

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